Hi, I'm Elysée

A curious Backend & UX Engineer

I'm a passionate software engineer who believes in working hard to solve complex problems. My expertise lies in backend development, but I also have experience working on frontend projects. I'm also a developer with experience building full stack applications using a variety of technologies. Also very open to learning new technologies and skills. No matter how complex, we'll make them love it 💻

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My technical level

Backend Engineering

2 years







UX Engineering

1 year





Corel Draw

Adobe Xd


My personal journey

Full Stack Software Engineer Intern (Remote)

Alx Africa
Feb 2023 - Apr 2024

Advanced Level Certificate (PCM)

Lycée de Kigali - Rwanda
Jan 2018 - Nov 2021

Bachelor's degree (Computer Science)

University of Kigali - Rwanda
May 2023 - May 2026


What I offer


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  • Build APIs.

  • Server Configuration and Websites Deployment.

  • Database Designs and Database Replication.

  • Configuring SSL Certificates.

  • Configuring Load Balancing.

UX Improvement

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UX Enhancements

  • Inspect designs to ensure a great user experience

  • Maximize my skills to test and ensure a simple, professional and quality run of your applications to suit your requirements

  • Make adjustments where necessary

  • Communicate effectively with the team and/or client


Projects & Collaborations

AirBnB clone (Aggregate project on ALX)

Incrementally built an AirBnB clone, gradually adding functionality and features based on the core functionality’s implementation.


Files-Manager 📁 (Aggregate project on ALX)

As part of the ALX Software Engineering Program, I had the opportunity to dive into back-end development with a hands-on project. The project focused on building a file upload and viewing platform, utilizing NodeJS, MongoDB, and Redis. I implemented token-based authentication, pagination, and background processing, allowing users to securely upload, list, and view files.



Creating a Game in 3D using raycasting. Designed for kids so they can improve their spatial recognition and analytical skills. Developed using SDL2 and C, this project leverages the power of low-level programming to craft a seamless gaming experience.


Note App 🗒️

The Note App is a web-based application designed to allow users to create, view, and delete notes. It's built using the Flask web framework and incorporates features such as user authentication, database storage, and dynamic rendering of content. The project demonstrates proficiency in backend development and serves as a showcase of Full Stack Software Engineering skills.


My Portfolio 🚀

A responsive porfolio website design that displays my skills in the best possible manner


Project PRINTF(ALX SE Program)


Our first project aimed to showcase the skills we acquired in the first trimester, focusing on variables, strings, and memory allocation in C. This project involved creating our version of the printf function, highlighting our foundational understanding of C programming.


Project Simple Shell(ALX SE Program)


As our second evaluation project in the first trimester, we faced the challenge of building a command interpreter from scratch. It was a demanding project that tested our abilities. Successfully completing it demonstrated our growing skills in handling complex programming tasks.


Project AirBNB Clone(ALX SE Program)

Pyhton - Flask - MySQL - JavaScript - HTML- CSS

For our end-of-second-trimester evaluation, we took on the task of cloning the AirBNB website. This project significantly enhanced our front-end and back-end development skills. It was a comprehensive learning experience, deepening our understanding of full-stack web development.


Tip-Calculator 🎰

A simple and user-friendly web application designed to make splitting bills and calculating tips a breeze! This site was built using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


Simple Quiz app Website 📖

This is a simple Bible Quiz App I designed in Web using Html, css and Javascript. This is simple Quiz App that contains a set of bible curated questions and its answers and checks for the correctness of the answer given by the user.


Weather App ⛈️

An application provides you with real-time weather information, including the current temperature, wind speed, humidity, and more. Stay informed about the weather conditions in your location with this sleek and intuitive weather app. This site was built using HTML, CSS and Javascipt.


Rock Paper Scissors Game 🎮

Rock Paper Scissors web game! This simple yet engaging game allows users to play the classic Rock Paper Scissors against a computer opponent. The game is built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, making it easily accessible through any modern web browser.



Employer's / client's / collaborator's saying
Testimonial for Jeyi Adole by Opeymi Oluwadare

Joseph Kimuchu

Colleague | ALX-Holberton

Working with Elysée on the Airbnb project was an absolute pleasure. Their dedication, attention to detail, and problem-solving skills were instrumental in delivering a high-quality product. Elysée consistently demonstrated exceptional teamwork and communication, making collaboration seamless and efficient. Their expertise and innovative ideas greatly contributed to the project's success. I would highly recommend Elysée as a valuable asset to any team or project.

Muhayemariya Faustine

Peer | ALX Africa

Collaborating with Elysée on the Simple Shell project was truly insightful and rewarding. Elysée showcased exceptional technical expertise and a strong work ethic throughout the entire project. Their ability to analyze complex problems and provide elegant solutions was impressive. Elysée's dedication to writing clean and efficient code greatly contributed to the success of our project. It was a pleasure working alongside Elysée, and I would highly recommend them as a skilled and reliable team member.

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